February 6, 2023

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Battle of the Breakfast: LA vs NY

The battle of the coasts continues… Tupac vs Biggie, car vs subway, and now… who has the better breakfast staple? Is it NY with their “on the move” BEC? (Correctly pronounced baconeggandcheese). Or is it LA with their ooooh so hearty and delicious breakfast burritos from your local Mexican joint?

In LA, I’ve gotten so accustomed to breakfast burrito culture of hungoverly sitting down and chowing down a greasy, runny burrito. I forgot the beauty of coming home to NY for the holidays, and being treated to the staple of my youth, the fuel of millions, the everlasting street Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a roll (with salt, pepper and ketchup, for those who do it right).

It’s tasty, filling, yet not too overpowering. The ability to walk into any deli/bodega or any cart on the street and order a “baconeggandcheese, saltpepperketchup” and have any Ock know exactly what you want and in your hand, hot and ready in less than two minutes makes it the most efficient breakfast on the planet. It can be consumed on the go, which is essential to any breakfast food. Ever try to eat a burrito while walking/driving? No bueno. Enjoying explaining to your boss why there’s sour cream and salsa stains running down your sleeve and into your elbow.

I got a breakfast burrito last weekend from SeƱor G’s in Playa Del Rey (the Angelina, btw. Two eggs any style grilled cactus, onions, tomato, cheese, with black beans, hash browns, guacamole, tortillas in a large flour tortilla). And while this thing was sooo gase, it was an absolute MONSTER. This breakfast burrito had to be like at least 6.7 lbs. This thing had to be the size of a newborn baby. Like what human is eating all of that in one sitting, let alone as the first meal of the day? Breakfast is supposed to pick you up, give you the energy to take on the day! Not bring you down and turn you into some sluggish fuck with nothing better to do than sit around and Luger from a burrito you chowed at 9:17am. The problem with LA breakfast burritos is that they’re so ridiculously huge. Who are you trying to impress? I need to be able to eat this on the go, on the move, it’s breakfast, it’s money baby.

I gotta give it to NY on this one. The portability of the BEC, as well as it’s versatility and taste and makes it the far superior breakfast sandwich. Sorry, LA.

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