June 5, 2023

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Baseball fights are biggest waste of time in sports

We’ve all seen it… the pitcher throws a few balls off-target and the batter decides to man up and charge the plate. Expletives are exchanged and fists fly until both benches clear so the entire teams can get in on the action. But the reality is, nothing ever actually happens. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a punch actually connect and do any real damage in a baseball fight. Usually, after swinging a fist (and missing) it just turns into a shouting match and a bunch of people just “holding eachother back” from not doing any damage at all. It’s pathetic and an insult to combat sports, as well as anyone who’s ever thrown a punch. Nine times out of ten, NOTHING entertaining (or actually violent) ever happens. It’s pure theater and I’m sick of it.

If you’re gonna fight, fight! I don’t want to sit there for ten minutes just to watch middle aged men go through shitty “conflict mediation.” These are pro athletes, these are manly men! If you’re gonna clear the benches I wanna see blood! Fight like you mean it, and not like you are afraid of scoffing your opponents cleats! You know when the ump should really throw a player out of the game? When they charge the mound and then don’t do anything. Being a bitch should be worth a larger suspension than actually throwing a punch.

I mean here’s nearly six minutes of the top baseball fight compilation and see if you can even spot just ONE punch actually land. Nothing ever connects, and then you just end up with a bunch of men grappling with eachother. These sissy players all run out from the benches, there’s a ton of hullabaloo, and then nothing ever happens, it’s just ridiculous. My two suggestions to improve the game of baseball… make it six innings max and allow bats in the fights. Do better baseball, do better.

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