February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Ballgirl Tackles Fan Rushing the Field

The most exciting event possible at a baseball game happened yesterday when a fan rushed the field at Dodger’s Stadium. It’s always fun to see some drunk moron ruin his life by huffing across the diamond dodging Paul Blart clones left and right, but the tackle at the end of yesterday’s wrangling is what makes this one way more hilarious.

If you watch the videos of the guy running on the field he actually manages to dodge 6 or 7 different security guards which is impressive right off the bat, but just as he makes his final sprint for the wall to escape a Dodger’s ballgirl comes out of nowhere and tackles the dude. Yes, out of all the security guards chasing him down it’s the ballgirl that took him out.

I’m not one to judge but if I were the head of stadium security I’d seriously reevaluate my checklist when selecting potential guards to protect the field. Maybe get rid of the pedophile mustaches and donut addiction requirement and throw “ball girl” at the top of that list. The game may have ended 8-2 Dodgers, but the score we all really cared about in this one was Ball girl 1, guy rushing field 0.

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