March 31, 2023

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‘Avatar 2’ is Finally Coming

It’s been 13 years since James Cameron’s digital masterpiece first took the film world by storm. With the release of the 2009 box office giant, ‘Avatar,’ men and women everywhere were immediately turned on by tall, gorgeous blue aliens and have been waiting for the movie’s sequel ever since.

It’s been a known fact in the film industry that the insanely hard working director, James Cameron, has been developing the second and third installments of the Avatar trilogy at the same time, thus delaying their release and slowing production time. Finally the world will see the next chapter for Jake and Neytiri as ‘Avatar 2’ is set to release December 16th of this year.

Seriously though, when you first saw the original do you not remember thinking “damn, that blue chick is stacked!” Of course James Cameron makes his aliens absolutely gorgeous so his entire audience wants to fuck them and become “one with the tribe.” Half the reason I want to see ‘Avatar 2′ is because Zoe Saldana’s character is absolutely bangin’. I mean look at this chick… Alien thing! At this rate Avatar 9 will star me after I steal Neytiri from Jake and have like 12 half alien babies with this chick.

A trailer has yet to be released for the blockbuster but fans of the inaugural film are already pumping up what is sure to be a box office shattering film this year. Considering the first film won 3 Academy Awards and a Golden Globe the expectations for the first sequel of this soon to be 6 film saga are extremely high to say the least. No fine details have emerged about just what to expect in this film’s story, but one thing is for certain: If James Cameron fucks this up the world will burn to the ground.

The only thing to expect, for certain, is that we will see Jake and Neytiri’s family years later as they struggle to protect their tribe from an old threat come to finish what they once started. Whatever the hell that means, thanks for giving us absolutely nothing to run with, James Cameron. Hopefully a trailer for ‘Avatar 2’ releases soon and gives us more of the visual blue balls we need with a digitally mesmerizing film like this.

Now we just need Cameron to finish his other blockbuster sequel, ‘Titanic 2: Jack’s Revenge.’ Rose’s day of reckoning for not letting him lay on the door have just begun.


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