February 6, 2023

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At what age is it acceptable for a man to wear a baseball cap & jacket?

Let me start off by saying… I know nothing about fashion. I’ve always dressed approximately 3 and a half years behind the trends. I’m not a hypebeast (or a hype- anything) and my wardrobe consists mostly of plain pocket-ts and golf polos (with the occasional location/souvenir t-shirt thrown into the mix).

Being New York-raised and Prep School educated (save the jokes for another time). I do have an affinity for dressing up. I love a good sport-coat and I’d much rather be at a function over dressed, than under. However, here in LA, the opposite seems to be the norm. Never thought I’d see a t-shirt and ripped jeans while at a fancy dinner in Malibu last week, but hey, it’s LA.

One look, I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the occasion/balls to pull off is the baseball cap & blazer look.

I mean just look at how cool, yet sophisticated my man looks. My main problem, is that I feel at the youngin age of 23, I would look and feel like a total prick if I tried to wear a sport coat and baseball cap. I feel like ball cap and jacket combo is an outfit that has to be earned, a look that requires years of dedication to one’s craft (whatever that may be). It’s a look where one must be granted the right to walk around with the most formal/informal clothing combination in history.

See, look at these young assholes. What have they earned? They look like total pricks in their summer jackets and dad caps.

Asshole 1
Asshole 2

So now I ask… what is the age when it’s generally acceptable for a man to go around wearing a baseball cap along with a blazer/ jacket? If I wear one today at 23, I look and feel like a prick, meanwhile if you go to downtown Manhattan on Wall Street this morning you’ll see old-school financiers walking to work with a summer jacket and dad cap featuring whatever Ivy League logo and it’s totally accepted and embraced.

As my friend, who is very into fashion, explained to me… “I think there’s no formal cutoff it’s more accident and substance. There has to be alignment to occur that creates a new essence by which you’re able to access the outfit” Now, I don’t know what that means… however, all I can deduce is that I shouldn’t go trying it unless I am 110% certain, I’ve earned it.

See, here’s a classic example of our buddy Kendall Roy, pulling off the look.

Are there other factors at play? Does one need to have kids in order to be able to rock a “dad cap” and jacket? Is it the type of hat? Dad cap vs. flat-brim? (there are maybe a handful of lifetime occasions where it’s ok to unironically wear a flat-brim). Obama got the memo, and he’s repping his team. A suave marriage of forms.

I was at a formal function last week (granted, it was an outdoor event) and right in front of me was was a dad wearing his navy summer jacket and a logo’d up ball cap up on top and it didn’t at all feel out of place or tacky. Is it because the hat was blocking sun & providing function over style? Who knows? Maybe it’s gotta be paired with a certain type of pants or shoes? Here’s Taffer pulling off the look.

I guess it really isn’t so much an age thing, just whether or not you’ve earned it. This guy, certainly did.

And this guy certainly did not… (but man, for some reason, he still pulls it off)

Maybe I’ll just wait till I’m back in New York to throw on a cap and give it a shot. This doesn’t seem like a very West Coast conundrum anyway.

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