February 2, 2023

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Astros Fan Fights White Sox Fan, Sucker Punches him in Face

Is it surprising to see a bad headline coming out of Houston, Texas? Last night a fight broke out at game 2 of the ALDS when a ballsy White Sox fan decided it was a good idea to wear the away team’s jersey in enemy territory and a Astros fan fights him. After a few beers and a some back and forth chirps someone got the liquid courage to throw a beer down the guy’s back which was followed up by en extremely justified push back. But of course out of nowhere an Astros fan ran up and sucker punches the Sox fan directly in the face, in absolute Houston trash fashion.

It’s no wonder anyone who likes baseball hates this organization. Not only can the team barely go a season without a cheating scandal, but then you have annoying asshole fans who pick a fight just to run up and throw a left hook out of nowhere when the situation has nothing to do with you. Sucker punches are an absolute pussy move in a scenario like this, but hey, we’re talking about Astros fans here. Not exactly the top brass of baseball fans, let alone quality of people.

For those of you who are Astros fans I say you can still redeem yourself. Pick a new team, go to a few AA meetings and we’ll talk. Signed, a frustrated Angels fan.

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