February 6, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Argentinian Judge Gives Man Life in Prison, then Goes to his Jail Cell to Make Out with Him

Isn’t love lovely? 2022 couldn’t have started off any better for this Argentinian prisoner, well at least minus the life in prison part. Apparently earlier this week an Argentinian judge handed down the life sentence to some poor scumbag, only to later go into his holding cell and proceed to make out with the newly sentenced prisoner. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

With a mountain of giant Argentinian cock following this guy around in the showers for the rest of his natural life I’m sure the negotiation on this one was easy for the judge to swindle a kiss and a possible over the pants handjob from this guy. I’ve heard of the “pretty prisoner” type before, but to see all the violent evidence necessary to lock a man away for life, only to sneak into his cell and make out with the dude literally hours later, is why I will never trust women.

Okay I’m kidding about the trusting women part, but seriously, who the fuck does something like this? The dude is either the smoothest man alive or he’s packing a donkey cock in that orange jumpsuit. Either way I don’t think the high courts of Argentina will approve of their relationship request given the conflict of interest. Though they can’t really argue she went easy on him, I mean she did give the dude life in prison.

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