March 31, 2023

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Are Jorts Making a Comeback?

Living in Los Angeles you see a lot of failed attempts at making fashion statements, especially when the person wearing the “unique” outfit has no idea what they’re doing when it comes to style. In my opinion anyone making a “fashion statement” most likely ran out of clean clothes and had to scrape together an outfit from the bottom of their dresser. But like most artists in L.A. they’ll be the last to admit they’re simply out of clothes, so voila! Hollywood high fashion in a nutshell.

Rather than constantly looking for new and never before seen fashion styles, why don’t we go back to a clothing that we’ve all known since the days of Smash Mouth? Why don’t we retreat back to the 90’s for some stylistic nostalgia? I thinks it’s time for the holy grail of clothing efficiency to make a comeback. That’s right, it’s the return of jorts.


If you wanna talk fashion statements then look at a pair of jorts and tell me you don’t see a disruption in the status quo of style. Someone took a pair of jeans, arguably the most go to pair of pants in history, and chopped them into a pair of shorts to the length of their choice. Are they comfortable? Wildly. Do they stay on snug? Like a glove. Do they match with any shirt styles? They don’t match with anything which means they match with everything.

Jorts can be worn in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall so long as you prep a pair of leggings or long white socks to go under those bad boys. They’re an undeniable challenge to corporate America, a message saying “we challenge your social norms, Mark Zuckerberg, by chopping up our jeans into short shorts. Frankly, I think jorts could unite our great country in a time of devision.

Rather than discussing politics or religion at a friendly gathering, you’d simply be able to say to each other “hey, nice jorts!” Never underestimate the power held in a pair of jorts, capable of ungodly things but used for the greater good of mankind. A pair of jorts to rule them all, a pair of jorts to find them, a pair of jorts to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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