June 5, 2023

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Are Crocs in Right Now? Absolutely

There goes a saying amongst anyone with even the most minuscule sense of fashion and style; “he who owns a pair of Crocs is a douchebag.” Everyone knew a nerdy kid or dumb little cousin that once owned a pair of the infamously ridiculous looking foam clogs and absolutely ripping said kid apart without mercy for ever wearing them in public. Yes, when we were all younger the other kids with Crocs were what we semi bullies would call “low hanging fruit” for verbal abuse, but as times have changed my perspective on Crocs has as well.

Crocs meme

Are Crocs really as ridiculous as we thought? I mean when I leave the house now to run errands, about 90% of the time I grab sandals or some easy shoe to slip on and run out the door. Laziness has peaked for me, so what more do I need than a shoe that’s the lazy person’s convenient dream? And why can’t that shoe be Crocs? Let me state my case.

Crocs have the adjustable back strap so one can either slip those puppies on like a slipper or throw the top down and put them on more securely for speed and comfort. Beyond their versatility how about the fact that they’re the Swiss cheese of shoes meaning you’ll never have to wear a pair of socks with them. Not to mention they’re made of soft foam and come in virtually any color or design with customizable buttons you can attach to them for a little flare.

With this all in mind, you’re gonna tell me those nerdy kids you stuffed into a locker with their Crocs on weren’t onto something back then? Admit it, these kids were ahead of the game and I’m ready to come off the bench with a fresh pair of Crocs. Sponsor me, Crocs.

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