February 2, 2023

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Are Android Users SUS?

This has to be the age old question of our generation. Since the start of our forming years, we have been given the honor and privilege of having computers on us 24/7. The creation of the iPhone has to be the greatest innovation of all time. With that, many other companies came out with their own smartphones, but do they really count?

Today the most popular phone other than the iPhone is easily Android smartphones. But why? Is it worth ruing the iMessage group chat by being the one douchebag who has to fuck everything up? Seriously, at what cost is it to be slightly different from the rest of humanity. There has to be 95% percent of people with iPhones in the smartphone community. With that said, those who use Android over iPhone are straight up dicks.

I don’t trust most Android users because I feel like they just want something to be different about them. It’s not a character trait. It just pisses everyone off in the group chat. Also, all the other functions are the same other than the fact that iPhones are way easier to use. I just don’t get it man, just get an iPhone so you can airdrop funny photos to random people in the grocery store and creep them out.

At the end of the day, we live in a free country. If you’re still using a Razor like your in the dark ages, you need to just grow up already and get an iPhone. But if you use an Android just quit being a dick and ruining the group chat. I need the confidence to know I can airdrop a photo of a naked old man to a random person during church. Cant do that with an Android.

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