February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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An Underwater City is Now Open for Business in Dubai

This is some real Dubai shit folks. At 196 feet deep, Deep Dive Dubai just became the world’s biggest swimming pool, and yes, it has a city in it. For the price of roughly $218 U.S. dollars, adventurous divers can descend into the deep and explore a menagerie of “abandoned” buildings, landing pads, a car, and even an arcade.

Deep Dive Dubai may be a high-class tourist attraction, but for some reason, all I can think about are horror movie scenarios. Can you imagine being under 150 feet of water, cruising through tunnels and buildings, only to spot some dark object darting by out of the corner of your eye? The pool even has glass viewing portals for diver spectatorship, leading me to believe this would be the perfect location for some post-apocalyptic gladiatorial man versus shark action.

Source: 47 Meters Down

In reality, Deep Dive Dubai is stocked with state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers in the case of emergencies. Likewise, the pool is kept at a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit to maximize diver comfort while descending into the unknown. To me, this is one of those things like skydiving. Will I ever get the chance to do it? Probably not. If I had the chance, would I? Maybe.

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