February 2, 2023

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Am I any less of a man for not knowing anything about cars?

blue bmw sedan near green lawn grass

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

photography of red bmw on asphalt road

A few weeks ago, a girl-friend of mine called on me to help diagnose a problem she was having with her vehicle.

Now, I had never made any indication to her previously that I knew anything about cars, let alone how to fix one if a mechanical problem were to ever arise, so I guess she just assumed that because I was a regular-ol’ straight dude, I would also have encyclopedic knowledge of how to fix any car issue she was experiencing. Problem was, I know literally nothing about cars and/or how to fix them.

And of course, I go to check around the car and thankfully I could bullshit around with this one. (The issue was a fairly easy one, I could just tell the tire was a little flat and needed to pump some more air into it).

But God forbid I had to pop the hood and check through the engine, I would be beyond lost! Does the coolant go in here, or here? And what is coolant? Is that different from anti-freeze? Wait why do we have something that cools and then something that also prevents it from getting too cool? This is confusing, I’m out.

Am I any less of a “guy” for not being a “car-guy”? For me cars are sensible and a great way to jaunt around (I drive a Volvo, God I love my Volvo). I know how to drive and operate a car (I’m actually a really good driver), but I don’t race, nor do I really appreciate what some would say is car’s “beauty”. Like I can see vintage, collectible cars and “ooh and ahhh” like everyone else. But I don’t know dick (or even pretend to know dick) about them. “Yup, this V12 – 818 9 cylinder engine really helps the drag effect from the elongated spoiler!” I’ve not got a clue.

While I can really appreciate those manly-mechanics that can “build a racecar from scratch” or even “restore old cars”, I often wonder… am I any less of a man for being the guy to call AAA or take it immediately for servicing at the slightest hint that something might be in fact wrong with my car? Or am I just sensible for letting the professionals handle what they are supposed to handle? Sometimes I wish I could just pop the hood and be able to diagnose and fix anything wrong with my vehicle. But then I open the engine and my fingers get all black and grimy and I think to myself, let me just let someone else look at it.

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