March 31, 2023

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Am I a loser for not getting near new age currency?

round silver and gold coins

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I’m pretty conservative with my money, I’ve never really been a gambler. I feel like if I’m just going to throw away all my cash, I might as well have fun with it, right? Losing $500 at the roulette table is at least somewhat more enjoyable than losing $500 on an app. Does that make me boring? Am I such a noob that I can’t see between the haze enough to understand all this new age tech funny money? Is it just a trend, or actually the way of the future? I’ve never, ever been one to hop on trends, so I just don’t know how legit any of this actually is.

closeup photo of three round coins in person s palm
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NFT this… and Crypto that, all I see right now is the shakiest house of cards. I liken it to 1849 and the California Gold Rush. So many people risked it all and put everything into coming out West and mining for gold, and those people who struck… struck it big. But those who dumped it all in, are still hurting.

I feel like essentially blogging for a living is a big enough career gamble (namely because I am a shitty blogger) so why gamble even more by throwing the only assets I ever have into something I don’t really understand? Or something that my limited understanding of leads me to believe that it is pretty much just dumping my hard earned cash into glorified PlayStation Network money?

Should I invest in Bitcoin? Forget Bitcoin, what about all the other fun ones? Like Doge, or Ethereum or or even Cardano (sounds more like a shitty coffee drink from Starbucks than an actual currency.) Is my playing it safe just code for being an absolute fucking noob? I’m genuinely curious to hear your strategies, because as a strapped for cash 23 year old, I’m about thisclose to suckin D under the 405 for some lunch.

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