March 31, 2023

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All The Reasons Jake Paul Is the Worst

Its safe to say that Jake Paul has become one of the more well known celebrities in the United States. He and his brother got famous off Vine, but like few others, they were able to keep the spotlight and maintain careers in the public eye. Jake Paul in now a boxer and potentially on the brink of creating his own league and becoming a truly larger than life personality. I, however, am not a huge fan of his and here are a few points why.

First, he is a total douchebag. I get it, he’s made himself rich and uses social media to keep himself relevant. For that I give him credit. However, he is a total dick to everyone and does nothing to impact the world in a positive way or help anyone. I feel his actions are malicious and he often just is an asshole to everyone so for that I don’t respect him. Also, he makes millions off of his social media content and used to primarily use Youtube for views. He moved into a nice neighborhood in Los Angeles and was probably the worst neighbor anyone has every had. He makes a ton of dickhead moves.

Next, Jake Paul is establishing himself an a boxer with a very strong record. He fights people who aren’t even boxing experts and primarily old, wrestlers and fighters who specialize on the ground rather than throwing punches. I give him credit, he’s huge and in great shape. He would easily beat the shit out of most people but I think he picks very specific fights that he knows he’ll win. All in all, I think he is a douche and wish people didn’t give him much publicity.

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