June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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All I want in life is to rip a jet ski through the world’s only float-thru McDonald’s

Yeah, you read that right. The world’s only float through McDonald’s sits on a dock along the banks of the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany. Aptly called the “McBoat”, YouTuber Tom Scott takes us through this marvel of fast-food ingenuity.

While the dock was built specifically for kayakers and smaller boats, you can’t help but imagine how fucking sick it would be to cruise up on a jet ski to pick up your afternoon Big Mac and fries. Like imagine combining the efficiency of a drive thru, with the classiness of eating on water. It’s a no brainer

If I could somehow pull this off, it would combine three of my favorite things… riding a jetski (awesome), being in Europe (very cool) and having a once in a lifetime food experience (yeah I know it’s McDonalds but hey, a Big Mac every now and then slaps, hard. Especially when it’s being served to you on a fucking river).

How sick would it be?! In the words of comedian Daniel Tosh, “Have you ever seen a sad person on a JetSki?” No? Me neither. Couple that with a double quarter pounder with cheese, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an afternoon.

The only other mode of transportation I’d be more stoked on is helicoptering up to pick up my lunch from a McDonalds in the sky. I’m manifesting this. I’m manifesting this so hard. Summer 2022 you will see me on the Elbe River riding up top McBoat in style on my jet ski.

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