March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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If you can believe it, last week, an ITA Airways flight heading from New York to Rome clipped the wing of an Air France flight while taxiing at the airport and then proceeded to then FLY ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ATLANTIC to Italy, no fucks given.

The Air France plane called into the tower to report that it had been hit, and then when the tower called the Italian flight, they were just like… “nah, we didn’t”. Of course, when that plane eventually landed in Rome, it was found to have MASSIVE wing damage.

How hysterical is this? Only an Italian pilot could get away with pretending “I didn’t feel anything” and then peacing the fuck out of there. Just listen to the audio, it’s wild:

This crew 100% knew they hit the other plane, they just didn’t want to deal with having to turn around and be stuck in New York. Major balls to them, I respect the fuck out of that. I mean, I know Top Gun is fresh in everybody’s minds, but how wild is it that an airline pilot just decides to say “fuck it” and take off across the Atlantic with a damaged wing? He’s just the Italian Maverick at this point.

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