February 2, 2023

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Addison Rae Banned on TikTok… Who’s Next?

Last night TikTok banned it’s third biggest account owner, Addison Rae, for apparently “multiple violations of community guidelines.” In what’s become the most misunderstood blanket statement for TikTok enthusiasts it seems to me even TikTok doesn’t know why they’re banning certain popular creators from posting videos. Addison’s account was reinstated after a few hours of being disabled which is understandable given she’s one of their biggest earners, but it goes to show if their third most trafficked account can get banned then anyone on the app can.

It’s not just the fact that the platform’s banning people left and right that bothers me. TikTok seems to be going after any account that veers into any content that would be considered inappropriate for children. I understand why they would want to clean up the app, especially being originally created for young kids. But when you’re banning comedians from uploading skits yet allowing some thirst trap chick to twerk her ass in a see through thong, are you really protecting the children?


I’m always Scoping out the situation LOL #fyp #dance

♬ Gimme My Gots – Shardaysa Jones

I guess TikTok thinks a healthy dose of cake will do this kids good, but as soon as someone makes a joke that’s somewhat adult in it’s content… THEN EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS! (Joker Voice) I’ve seen some funny ass shit on TikTok, stuff that’s literally made me roll on the floor laughing my ass off. Sad thing is often I’ll come back to watch the video over again and see it’s been taken down.

All too often someone will create an absolutely hilarious video that could potentially go viral and change their lives only for TikTok to take it down and derail their chances. I love ass as much as the next guy, but in my book laughter outweighs lust any day of the week when it comes to content.

All I’m asking is for TikTok to at least stay consistent with its banning technique. Either ban the thirst trap hoes as well, or let the edgier comedic clips stay and have a chance to win audiences over from their ass shaking competitors. If they’re so worried about children seeing adult content then why not have a feature on the app where kids can filter their for you page to only feed PG content? It’s because TikTok doesn’t care about the kids, they care about control. At least now we know whatever intern is swiping away right now banning accounts left and right is an ass man… or woman… or non-binary. Don’t ban me, TikTok.

Buzzfeed Article on Addison’s Ban

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