February 2, 2023

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Adam Sandler, King of Pickup Basketball

Adam Sandler, the man who can hit both a 400 yard drive and lead the SCLSU mud dogs to a bourbon bowl victory, is a 24 hour fitness basketball legend and it shows. Yesterday Sandler was spotted playing in a pro run game with NBA superstars like Trae Young, Aaron Gordon, Boban and more. The wild part of that entire situation? He was actually keeping up with these guys.

While seeing Sandler jumping in a pickup game with some NBA talent is unique, it’s not the first time we’ve seen the ‘Happy Gilmore’ legend hooping in random pickup games. Sandler’s been spotted all over the country jumping into gym games everywhere from Atlanta to L.A. While having a comedy legend like Adam Sandler show up to your 24 hour fitness pickup game is a wild enough situation, what’s crazier is seeing he’s actually pretty damn good.

In pretty much every video of Sandler playing he’s throwing crazy backdoor passes, draining 3’s from all over and even taking guys twice his size in the paint for 2. Sandler’s like the Magic Johnson of 24 hour fitness basketball. The guy’s court vision is surprisingly good for a 5’10” jewish guy, not to mention the fact that he’s ballin’ all over these dudes that are towering over him. Be it golf, football or now basketball it seems Sandler can do it all. So it begs the question… when will we see an Adam Sandler basketball movie?

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