June 5, 2023

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A Quiet Place Part II Review

As we were awaiting part two of one of the most successful films in the horror genre last March, Covid-19 hit, which delayed the release for more than a year. Was it worth the wait? I would say so. A Quiet Place Part II added one of the best actors working today Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders), to another John Krasinski written script. Is it better than the first? I’ll say right off the bat it’s not as smart or as chilling as it’s predecessor, but fans will thoroughly enjoy this film. 

The second film begins with a beautiful prologue that really makes for one the best parts of the film, and will serve as a tribute to John Krasinski’s character Lee Abbott, and provide more understanding to the circumstances that are other main characters now face. A Quiet Place Part II focuses on the relationship of Cillian Murphy’s character Emmet and Emily Blunt’s character Evelyn Abbott where they build a trusting relationship to keep her children safe and stop an alien invasion. The first film is set almost in completely in silence and darkness, the second film switches up the scenery and is shot daytime.The first film relied on the dark and creepy set pieces to make the film scary and entertaining. The second film should not even be considered a horror film, as it relies on the action packed alien battles to satisfy the audience for 97 minutes. The film does abruptly end, which will have some feeling rushed, but for others excited for what lies ahead for the franchise.

This is in no way a perfect film, but it will serve as a great return back to the theaters and as an enjoyable sequel. If you are a fan of the first or are in need of a thriller, look no further. A Quiet Place Part II scores an 8/10 on the MF Scale.

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