May 28, 2023

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A Few Olympic Teams to Keep Your Eyes Out For

The Olympics is such a joy.  Watching elite athletes from all over the world go head to head in their respective sports is truly something to behold.  These athletes are fine genetic specimens, with fine tuned bodies that allow them to compete to their highest potential.  Every year during the opening ceremony you go, “wait a minute.”  “Let me rewind that real quick to see the Estonian women’s foosball team one more time.”  This is when beautiful women from all over the world come out of the woodwork and tell the whole world that Latvia and Romania really do have something to offer the world; gorgeous women.  Here are a few women’s Olympics teams to be on the lookout for this summer. 


Brazil’s Women’s Volley Ball Team- we all know what this countries known for.  And we’re going straight to the top here with volleyball.  Make sure to tune in.

Croatia Women’s Basketball Team- yes, she really is on this team.  Can’t miss this one, go Croatia!!


USA Women’s Soccer Team- ok I know this team isn’t chalked full of beauties, but you cant forget the always reliable Alex Morgan.  Sorry Abby Wambach, you offer this team other things. 


Argentina’s Women’s Field Hockey Team – I’m not sure where this team competes or if this even an Olympic sport.  But god dammit let them compete!


Latvian Women’s Track Team- for some reason Latvia comes out with absolute killers.  Something’s in the water over there, and I want some.  Watch these women go for gold and pump those legs! Lets go girls!    

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