June 5, 2023

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5 Questionable Beer Choices at the Liquor Store

There exists a class of beers that is equivalent to rock bottom.  If you find you or your friend buying one of these beers, you may be living under a freeway overpass, or have a serious drinking problem.  These are the 5 most questionable beers you can purchase at the liquor store.

5.) Bud Ice– The forgotten class of Bud.  One would think that this beer only existed before the year 1990, but for some reason people keep buying it.  These people also live in tents.

Don’t stoop this low…at least go for the light.

4.) Hurricane– There’s no quicker way to make the world go away than slamming a hurricane.  You’ll never see anyone drinking this because a brown paper bag will always conceal it. 

Because some weekday mornings just call for an 8% tallboy

3.) Mickey’s– If you see an empty Mickey’s bottle on the sidewalk you can almost immediately assume some instance of assault took place where it lies.

Satan’s six-pack

2.) Steel Reserve– There are the Steel Reserve loyalists out there, these people are also usually crystal meth loyalists as well.

You can spot a Steel Reserve like ‘Where’s Waldo? ‘ in any hobo-buddy shot

1.) King Cobra– The most threatening 40 oz. bottle in existence.  This bottle just screams “Let’s go to jail tonight.” 

Liquid failure




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