March 31, 2023

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5 Celebrities Who Probably Smell Like Shit

We treat our celebrities as if they are gods.  No matter how repulsive some may appear many desire them.  Although these people practically walk on water, there is no amount of star power that can convince me an obese man smells like daisies.  Here are 5 celebrities that almost certainly smell like shit.

Britney Spears– Alright I know we’ve heard enough about Britney at this point and all her tribes and tribulations, but there’s something about tear-stained mascara, a shaved head, and a lifetime of abuse that just smells like shit.

Manic depression really smells like shit!

Steve Buscemi-Steve, I’m sorry man.  You are an amazing actor/writer/director but there is no hiding that fact that you are horrifying.  Many would consider you fugly.  That means fucking ugly.  There’s no way that corroded smile of yours smells like anything other than shit. 

To be this ugly and famous you have to be good at something

Andy Dick– Andy Dick is famous for being a perverted cocaine addict and nothing else.  Andy’s breath definitely smells like his namesake.  So in this case, Andy does not smell like shit, he smells like what he had to perform with his mouth for a couple rocks of crack cocaine. 


Jonah Hill– He’s tried everything.  But unfortunately I have to call a spade a spade; Jonah Hill was and always will be fat.  Like Jimmy Kimmel called it a few years ago, you give off a shit-smell vibe Jonah. 

Thats a big boy!

Rosie O’Donnell– Too easy.  Rosie O’Donnell definitely smells like shit.     

Nuff said.


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