February 2, 2023

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5 Actresses Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine

There’s always one predictable friend during a movie that will call out, “I’d tap that.” for which he will receive endless scrutiny from his peers.  While this might be said facetiously (If you’re a douchebag), sometimes this comment is too on point, and gets the crowd going, “Damn…he’s right, I would tap that.”  There exists an elite class of actresses for which this comment will never miss its mark.  Here are the top 5 actresses who just haven’t lost that tap-ability.   

5.) Helen Mirren- I almost prefer a 70 year old Helen to any other time in her life.  Not only has Helen not lost it; she’s only gotten hotter.  I would give her a sponge bath any day of the week. 

Bath time in the Mirren household has a different meaning

4.) Susan Sarandon- If you don’t agree with this pick then please read no further.  Susan is the litmus test for GILF appreciators.  When you look up “Still hot” in the dictionary you will find a picture of sweet Susan. 

Still hot!

3.) Christina Applegate- Christina, you’re not quite old enough in my mind to be on this list, but you’re just too sexy, girl.  Imagine this one pulling up in a minivan to pick up her kids from soccer practice.  Now imagine you’re the young stud on the team, and good friends with her son.  Her son isn’t quite the best player but you take a liking to him.  So, you start to give him lessons after practice.  After a few weeks of this Christina notices this and gives you a ride home.  She said she’d drop her kids off first and then take you to your house because it makes more sense.  This is when she begins profusely thanking you for the lessons you’ve given her son, but feels bad that she hasn’t been paying you for them.  You won’t accept any money, but she insists there must be some way she can pay you back…alright that’s enough, you know where I’m coming from.

Anyone want some orange slices?

2.) Marisa Tomei- Marisa baby, welcome to the club.  You’ve now played enough mom roles where you have graduated from being a run of the mill sexy actress to being bestowed the title of Mother-I’d-Like- To-Friend.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.


1.) Betty White- How could Betty not be our #1?  She’s been in the game the longest and she’s been turning us on the whole time.  This Golden Girl bares a lot of trade experience, and she will rock your world, right after she takes out her dentures and changes her adult diaper.   

Dentures on the nightstand
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