February 2, 2023

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3 OG Viral Youtube Videos that Started it All

Remember when Youtube didn’t have ads? When you didn’t have to worry about the censor police taking down you video for “harmful information” and the internet was full of literally any kind of video you could think of? When kids these days hear “viral” they immediately think of TikTok and all the hype house douchebags that get 4 million views for doing some half ass dance with their hands. But us 90’s babies know the internet as it was meant to be enjoyed: No ads and no rules.

If your birth year begins with a 20′ this will seem like a dive into the history books of Youtube, but for the rest of us internet pioneers here are 3 OG viral youtube videos that started it all for us.

Numa Numa Kid – What’s better than a fat kid dancing to a ridiculous song? This video started the lip sync trend before Bryce Hall had any hair on his balls, if he even does now. Numa numa’s one of, if not the original viral videos of the internet era.

Evolution of Dance – I think every kid growing up in the early 2000’s used to crowd around their parent’s office computer with their friends and binge Youtube starting with this classic dance video.

Leave Britney Alone – Who doesn’t remember watching Chris Crocker break down crying over how Britney Spears was being treated after shaving her head? “Leave Britney alone” might be one of the first viral video references people would use to make their friends laugh before the internet and Youtube exploded in popularity.

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