February 2, 2023

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3 Best Drinking Games for the Golf Course

What’s better than a full day out on the course whacking the ball around in the sun with the boys? Add a full 30 rack of beers and a few shots of Pink Whitney to that equation and you get an absolutely wild round of golf that can only end in a full on blackout and your car getting left in the course parking lot. But when you drink on the course you don’t simply sip a few glasses of chardonnay.

You have to be slamming entire beers for the sake of some hilarious drinking game while laughing at those who take the L. So for those of you who are looking for some ideas to spice up your round this weekend here are 3 of the best drinking games for the golf course.

best drinking games for the golf course

Beer-A-Hole – This absolute classic will undoubtably have every member of your foursome either blacked out or on the verge by the end of the round. Just as it’s named the game is simply to finish an entire alcoholic beverage before the completion of each hole. Par 5’s are your friend in this one and the 3’s are a real bitch, but Beer-A-Hole will easily make you and your crew have an absolute blast on the links.

Birdie Juice – In this game if someone in your group birdies a hole then the other 3 members of the foursome must take a shot as punishment for their subordinate play. If your group is a total shit show that can’t make a par to save their lives then we recommend you download an app called “18 Birdies” and follow the score you get for your adjusted handicap. Someone will most likely birdie every hole with the adjustment so trust me, plenty of shots will be consumed with this game.

Beer Handicap – This one’s a huge advantage for those who can put ’em away. Everyone takes their scores as they normally would, but at the end of the round each player gets to deduct 1 stroke for every drink they finished on the course. There’s major potential for someone to shoot under par here, but that same person would end up under the table later that night. This one’s my personal favorite and for some reason it always evens the playing field.

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